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More microcode madness – VMware recommends NOT patching

VMware recommends NOT applying microcode patch that they pushed… and my R620 experiences some weird issues after having applied the patch!

Intel Microcode for Spectre/CVE-2017-5715 – Real performance loss in ZFS

Update as of Jan 14, 2018:  VMware Recommends not applying patch Unless...

VCSA 6.5 U1c – Error 503 – vpxd.log duplicate key value violates unique constraint

Today we fix the duplicate key value violates unique constraint “pk_vpx_dvport_membership” error that can occur in VCSA 6.5 Update 1c (still)

The Little R620 that Could – 40TB ZFS/ESXi in 1U!? Part 1

Check out this article where we build a 1U box capable of housing 40TB worth of storage while also serving as a serious ESXi host!

VMware KB acknowledges Shockwave Flash issue

Hey guys – you may have seen my post the other day which provided the...