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VMware Guest Customization working with Ubuntu 16.04!

Ubuntu 16.04 now implements vSphere Customization Specifications exactly!

It’s coming – vSphere HTML5 Web Client!

What most vSphere administrators attributed as a myth – a rumor, even – has finally landed. The HTML5 vSphere Web Client is here (almost)!

Testing vSphere Replication 6 Recovery (and not having to re-replicate)

In this blog entry I show how to recover a VM using vSphere Replication 6 but also demonstrate that replication doesn’t need to start from scratch afterward!

Does fully populating an R710 with RAM hurt performance?

Fully-populating your R710 clocks the RAM down to 800 MHz, but how much of a difference does that really make? In this blog entry I run Geekbench 3 benchmarks to find out!

Seagate faces class-action lawsuit due to reliability

Seagate may have to address the relatively low reliability of much of their product line in light of a recently filed class action lawsuit…