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Web farm re-arch. Doing more with less!

Homelabs are great learning tools, but if you’re not careful you can experience nasty VM sprawl! Consolidation is key. In this blog post we dial the resources back while preserving the performance! Read more!

Windows Server Tech Preview 2 – oh, that’s… something.

Taking Windows Server Technical Preview 2 for a test drive is a lot like like driving a concept car. Some stuff is new, some stuff is cool, and other stuff is plain confusing and weird. Read more!

Dell OpenManage Server Adminstrator and vSphere 6

Dell recently released a version of OMSA agent/provider compatible with ESXi 6.0 and it works really, really well. More details inside!

My first VMUG: Thoughts and Suggestions!

Thinking about attending a VMUG event? I was for a long time and am glad I finally did! Check out this post for my thoughts, what I learned, and suggestions going forward!