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vSphere 6.5 Arrives!

vSphere 6.5 just dropped! Check out this quick summary of one of the most feature-filled releases in the last several years!

Building a new lab host – Intel E5-2670 and 128GB of RAM

Hi all!  I apologize for not posting more often!  I have been working on a...

Rack, stack, and a little bit of a tour!

Today was productive – Dell R510 and APC Smart-UPS 3000XL both racked, cabled, configured, and tested! Lab/rack tour included!

DIY SAN/NAS – quest for fast, reliable, shared storage with a twist of ZFS! (Part 1)

Choosing prebuilt SAN is cheating – let’s build something from nothing and learn ZFS on the way! Read more about my FreeNAS/ZFS adventure using a Dell R510.

Putting the vSphere C# Client to sleep – welcoming HTML5!

The C# vSphere Client is going way (again) – hopefully this time there’s enough momentum to really make the move!