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Changing iSCSI IQN on renamed ESXi hosts to keep storage guys happy!

Make your storage admins hate you less by changing your IQN to match your ESXi hostname if using ACL’s on you SAN!

Ever wonder how much power a PDU draws?

Hi again!  Soon I will be moving a rack of about 8-10 servers, two 48 port...

RAID Levels – Spans, Stripes, IOPS, Oh My!

“What RAID level should I use?” “Raid 10 is better than RAID 5.” These are all common discussion topics but the truth is that there is more to it than that! Check out this benchmark test showing the strengths and weaknesses of each configuration!

Microsofts new torrent-like Update methodology made it to release! Default is on.

So I am not entirely sure of the details surrounding this...

Dell VRTX officially supports ESXi 6.0!

Dell and VMware both support the VRTX chassis after a long wait! There are some specific drivers and firmware required, but it’s well worth upgrading! Read more inside!