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Getting Started with vSphere 6 – Part 1: Installation and Configuration

New to installing ESXi 6.0? Follow this guide to get a better idea of what needs to be done including some best-practice steps!

Using Replication in vSphere 6

vSphere Replication is a great option for providing redundancy to your vSphere environment – read more to find out how easy it is to setup and help make your environment more resilient!

Sizing an ESXi host – a true balancing act!

Configuring vSphere hosts is not a simple task. Every environment is different. Read more in order to try and get it right the first time!

vSphere 6 Content Library Tech Preview!

New vSphere 6 Content Library functionality was demonstrated at VMworld Europe 2015 – come read about it!

vRealize Log Insight – Error when configuring host syslog forwarding

Oversight on my part leads to issues re-deploying Log Insight!