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Firefox 34.0.5 uses Yahoo search – simple fix back to Google!

So I let Firefox upgrade to 34.0.5 and expected no changes, per their usual releases.  However, the first time I typed something into my address bar I was annoyed – ew,

ff_search1So, if you click the magnifying glass in the “Search” field at the top of the window you’ll get a drop-down, from that there is “Change Search Settings”


Once you’ve clicked that, its blatantly obvious how to change from Yahoo back to Google, etc.

ff_search3That’s it!  Back to Google.  Pretty simple, but confusing to find at first.  When I was searching for this fix I was coming up with people adjusting the about:config portion of Firefox which lead to nothing as the item they were saying to edit doesn’t exist in 34.0.5.  Anyway, that’s that!



Create custom ESXi ISO from latest patch

Hey guys I followed a tutorial (and don’t remember which) regarding building your own VMware ESXi ISO from the latest patch.  VMware only releases ISO’s of Update versions (i.e., ESXi 5.5.0-U2).  However, each patch is cumulative so you’ll be able to roll an ISO from the downloaded zip file after you create a depot from the zip.  Here’s how:

  1.  Download and install VMware PowerCLI
  2.  Download the latest patch by going to the VMware Patch Portal and viewing all patches for ESXi 5.5.0 and grab the latest patch (this one is for the patch with the date ID of 20141204001).
  3.  Save the patch to an easy path, like C:\ESXi\
  4.  Launch PowerCLI and perform the following commands in the shot below:esxbuild1
  5.  Next determine the actual profile name by running:esxbuild2
  6.  We can see the image we want is called ESXi-5.5.0-20141204001-standard.  So, next we’ll run the following command to build an ISO from it:
    Export-EsxImageProfile –ImageProfile ESXi-5.5.0-20141204001-standard –ExportToISO –FilePath ESXi-5.5.0-Patched20141204001.iso
  7.  We now have an ISO built from the latest ESXi 5.5.0 Build which, since it’s built from an incremental patch dated 12-04-2014, is newer than even the current 5.5.0 Update 2 image!esxbuild4Obviously this is just a Vanilla ESXi image and is not customized for any specific server make or model.  So, if you must have the latest patched version of ESXi but do not require customization (such as the custom ISO for Dell, etc.) then this is your ticket so that you don’t have to run Update Manager and patch the host after the fact!

Hope you guys find this useful!

DSM 5.1-5004 Update 2 – issues for some!

synologySynology recently released the latest version of their operating system/software DSM 5.1-5004 Update 2.  I won’t bore you with the details of what the update fixes as it’s mostly minor stuff that had cropped up after their recent, more exciting 5.1 update.  I will, however, let you know that many people including a coworker of mine are reporting that they are unable to access the web front-end after the update.  My personally DS214+ took the update just fine without any issue.  Just a forewarning!  Here is a link to the changes this update provides as well as a link to the Synology forum where members are troubleshooting connectivity issues.