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Good enough to eat

Just a bit of an update on my BMW (specifically, the DTA ECU it runs on).  After rushing to get a replacement unit in the car back in July and prove it worthy enough for a 300 mile trip without issue (former configuration was using hall sensors which really, really gave me a headache in June or so), I wanted to just give a quick follow up.  The unit has been performing 100% flawlessly.  The unit in the image you see below is my original unit (slightly larger than the one currently in the car).  I have been using the factory BMW VR crank sensor without a single issue – it starts right up.  In fact, I had been daily driving the car for the last few weeks of July, last couple weeks of August, and even had to drive it to work a couple times in torrential rains recently.  The car starts up and runs great in all conditions.  A few people were asking if the new sensor setup or the new ECU setup was responsible for curing any issues and I am certain its the new VR sensor – so, I am going to swap in the “old” ECU tomorrow to confirm that it wasn’t a hardware issue with the actual box.

Further, I’ve got a “dyno box” coming which is basically a couple knobs and buttons that let you real-time tune the fuel and ignition tables (along with boost pressure if you wish) with a box rather than using the laptop which can be cumbersome.  Once I receive the box from Martin (mef on I will post up images and a review on the whole process.  I think it will make fine tuning much more simple.  We’ll see!  But anyway, the car is going great, once again, and I haven’t had a single concern when taking the car out ever since the crank sensor issue that had developed back in June.

So Ratty!

One thing I take for granted in this area is how many unique cars come out to our local events.  Each month Hooter’s holds a large car show with trophies, games, music, etc., and the number of cool cars is constantly increasing.  Last night I saw a bunch of cars that I’ve never seen before from old Ford “vanagon” looking things to crazy rat rods and rail dragsters.  Of course you’ll find your expected classic Camaro and Mustang as well.  Anyway – check below for some shots from this meet:



Sun and surf


The boss






Camaro SS



So ratty

So rat

Shady Brook 8-31

Today was a great day!  It was about 78F all day long and turned into a very nice, very mild evening.  I brought my camera (5D Mark II + 85mm 1.2L II) to the weekly Shady Brook meet.  I snagged some decent shots and am happy with them all.  Thought I’d share!


Cobra leaving

Old chevy truck

Cobra cockpit

Speedster kit

Camaro SS

BMW in the grass