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Good enough to eat

Just a bit of an update on my BMW (specifically, the DTA ECU it runs on).  After rushing to get a replacement unit in the car back in July and prove it worthy enough for a 300 mile trip without issue (former configuration was using hall sensors which really, really gave me a headache in June or so), I wanted to just give a quick follow up.  The unit has been performing 100% flawlessly.  The unit in the image you see below is my original unit (slightly larger than the one currently in the car).  I have been using the factory BMW VR crank sensor without a single issue – it starts right up.  In fact, I had been daily driving the car for the last few weeks of July, last couple weeks of August, and even had to drive it to work a couple times in torrential rains recently.  The car starts up and runs great in all conditions.  A few people were asking if the new sensor setup or the new ECU setup was responsible for curing any issues and I am certain its the new VR sensor – so, I am going to swap in the “old” ECU tomorrow to confirm that it wasn’t a hardware issue with the actual box.

Further, I’ve got a “dyno box” coming which is basically a couple knobs and buttons that let you real-time tune the fuel and ignition tables (along with boost pressure if you wish) with a box rather than using the laptop which can be cumbersome.  Once I receive the box from Martin (mef on I will post up images and a review on the whole process.  I think it will make fine tuning much more simple.  We’ll see!  But anyway, the car is going great, once again, and I haven’t had a single concern when taking the car out ever since the crank sensor issue that had developed back in June.