ESXi Embeded Host Client to work with ESXi Free License in 6.0 Update 2

This is not “official” by any means (but hey, the whole Embedded Host Client is a fling anyway…) but a support user by the name of Etienne Le Sueur on the ESXi Embedded Host Client Fling page posted a comment:

If you are seeing that error, then yes, the operation you are trying to perform will not currently work with the Free license. It will work with the evaluation license (i.e. 00000-00000….).

We have a fix for this issue in the 6.0 U2 update release which should be released in a March timeframe.

So, pretty cool!  I would be skeptical except Etienne Le Sueur is a “Senior Member of Technical Staff” at VMware according to his LinkedIn profile so I think he’s more than credible.

This will be great for people who are trying to use ESXi in labs or very small businesses with free licenses who want to manage their host without the thick client.

Hope to see Update 2 soon!

Author: Jon

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