Firefox 34.0.5 uses Yahoo search – simple fix back to Google!

So I let Firefox upgrade to 34.0.5 and expected no changes, per their usual releases.  However, the first time I typed something into my address bar I was annoyed – ew,

ff_search1So, if you click the magnifying glass in the “Search” field at the top of the window you’ll get a drop-down, from that there is “Change Search Settings”


Once you’ve clicked that, its blatantly obvious how to change from Yahoo back to Google, etc.

ff_search3That’s it!  Back to Google.  Pretty simple, but confusing to find at first.  When I was searching for this fix I was coming up with people adjusting the about:config portion of Firefox which lead to nothing as the item they were saying to edit doesn’t exist in 34.0.5.  Anyway, that’s that!



Author: Jon

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