It’s finally happened – vCenter for Windows will be no more!

I remember my first vCenter build – it was a Windows-based vCenter Server and ESXi 4.1 on 2008 R2.  It was my first VMware build with a very simple 2-host cluster running Essentials licensing.  We had dedicated iSCSI switches and an MD3200i – we were awesome.

After the initial build, I remember upgrading to 5.0 and seeing the download for the vCenter Appliance.  I thought to myself, “Ew, why would anyone want to run vCenter in some janky appliance?”

Fast-forward to today and every time I am have to build out a Windows-based vCenter Server my insides frown.  VMware has been suggesting for some time that Windows-based vCenter installations will soon cease development.  But, just like their claim that the thick vSphere client would be going away, no one took them seriously.  Until now!

Farewell, vCenter Server for Windows!

It’s finally happening!  In fact, they couldn’t have used stronger words:

Customers who have not yet migrated to the VCSA should start planning their migrations as soon as possible as the next numbered release of vSphere will be the terminal release for vCenter Server for Windows.”

Anxious to see where this goes and how fast Windows-based vCenter installs fall off.  It’s time for third-party solutions like Zerto to start developing support for the VCSA as clearly they’ll not be able to make MSSQL connections to the VIM database any longer!

Author: Jon

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