Microsofts new torrent-like Update methodology made it to release! Default is on.

So I am not entirely sure of the details surrounding this “feature” but I and a few of my co-workers were surprised that this is even an option:

Windows 10 Peer to Peer Updates

Windows 10 Peer to Peer Updates

I am interested in finding out the details behind how they handle this, but its super interesting to me that this peer-to-peer update method made its way to market.

Apparently this P2P API has been part of Windows since XP but nothing used it.  So, there are a few questions that I have (that may be answered but I haven’t read yet):

  • What about WSUS?  How does this play with that – does having a WSUS GPO disable this functionality?
  • Does a machine only host the updates that pertain to it or does it hold all critical/security updates?
  • What sort of hash checking or validation occurs before an update is sent from and received to an endpoint?

It all feels very “Comcast public hotspot” to me – I get that pushing updates takes a tremendous amount of bandwidth from Microsoft but I feel like this should be explained a little better during the installation.  There was no mention what so ever.

Even more peculiar is that the option is defaulted to on in my Windows 10 Pro installation!  Hopefully here’s some sort of robust malware check under this technology.

Author: Jon

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