pfSense 2.2.1 Released

So it seems like just yesterday that pfSense 2.2 came out after a long standing release of 2.1.5, and now 2.2.1 has arrived.

This release contains both security and bug fixes.  Here are some highlights:

Security Fixes

Bug Fixes

A note on the OpenSSL “FREAK” vulnerability:

  • Does not affect the web server configuration on the firewall as it does not have export ciphers enabled.
  • pfSense 2.2 already included OpenSSL 1.0.1k which addressed the client-side vulnerability.
  • If packages include a web server or similar component, such as a proxy, an improper user configuration may be affected. Consult the package documentation or forum for details.

This blog runs behind a virtual pfSense 2.2 instance and upgrading was as simple as logging into the web UI and choosing the “click here” to update.  Been running for 24 hours without an issue!

pfsense upgrade

There’s no particular feature that appealed to me in 2.2.1 it’s just that I prefer to run the latest version considering I am running webservers and such.  You can auto upgrade from 2.2 but be careful if you upgrade from 2.1.x there are some things that change in the configuration!  Please read the pfSense documentation on upgrading before attempting!

Author: Jon

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