Rack, stack, and a little bit of a tour!

Hi all!

Today I moved the new (to me) APC Smart-UPS 3000XL (SUA3000RMXL3U) and Dell R510 over to my other lab/rack.  Because the house there was originally spec’d with an L6-30R and L5-20R, we needed to have an L5-30R installed in order to accomodate the APC Smart-UPS as it uses the larger twist-lock connector even though it’s 120v.  I purchased brand new APC rails to work with the UPS.  The house is also equipped with a Generac 22kw auto-transfer, permanent-install generator so now I can utilize that for powering the servers and network gear since the UPS will keep things up during transfer and condition the incoming power.

I also racked my  Dell R510 which is going to be my new shared storage platform.  I worked with FreeNAS and Nexenta while it was in my primary location in order to determine what path I’d choose.  I bought new rails for the R510 and also had a cable management arm laying around.  Everything is installed, cabled, configured, and tested!  The APC UPS is nice as it was ordered with brand new batteries w/ a 2-year warranty.  It appears as though it should support the rack as configured for 40 minutes of run-time.  I’ve also cabled my two R710 ESXi hosts to the R510 for 10 GbE networking and am using bridging within FreeBSD to provide a switchless configuration between the three servers.  Very cool.

While installing these items I made a video since many people enjoy that – if you have any questions or want to know more about a particular device/item, feel free to ask!

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Author: Jon

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  1. Hi Jon, great site! I also just bought a Dell R710 3.5″ with Perc/6i controller. I am looking to have pfsense on it in VM as main system firewall for home, run multiple OS for learning purposes and also and important part, storage!

    How do you recomment i do this? I was aiming at installing a small SSD as Proxmox Main drive, 146/300GB CHeetah 15K drive for VM hosting and5 2TB drives for storage.

    Any ideas? I am new to this machine and VM’s.



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    • Hey Sean – I am partial to ESXi personally. You can install it on USB (internal on the R710) and get a drive bay back. The PERC 6i will do you fine so long as you don’t need super high I/O and are OK with disks smaller than 2TB. You need to weigh your IOPs vs. capacity to see if you can just get away with all SATA disks. I would forego the SAS drives since 15k are EOL and don’t honestly offer a ton.

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