vSphere HTML5 Web Client New (Fling) Feature – Code Capture!

Hey all – I wanted to share one of the cooler debuts recently which is the vSphere HTML5 Web Client Code Capture feature.

If you’re like me and and are trying to automate functionality or processes that you might ordinarily perform within the HTML5 client but by using the CLI/API, VMware has you covered!  They’ve added an awesome new Fling that creates a “record” button within the HTML5 client and allows you to perform whatever functions you want through the UI and generates the CLI to do the same!

You can read the VMware blog post here, but the it’s pretty straight forward:

Code Capture in Action

Once you’ve completed whatever task you want in the UI, you can save the output and paste right into Powershell/PowerCLI!

Pretty slick!  Thanks to all of the engineers at VMware who helped integrate this feature!

Author: Jon

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