Windows 10 Server and VMware ESXi 5.5

So as could be expected, Windows 10 Server (Tech Preview) has no clue what to do with VMware tools when running VMware ESXi 5.5 which I guess is not entirely surprising.  Enabling the VMware tools installation results in a brief white window flicker and then nothing.

Windows 10 Server VMwareThere is no CD mounted in the guest OS so there’s not much that can be done.  The only issue with this, as you can see, is that there is an unrecognized ethernet controller.  That’s because I have the VM setup with VMXNET3.  I’ve shut the guest down and reconfigured for the E1000E virtual network adapter.  After changing the NIC to E1000E I can successfully use networking in ESXi 5.5 on Windows 10 Server.

Author: Jon

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  1. Have you noticed issue with ESXi 6.0 on Windows 10? I am seeing blank console on ESXi when accessing vSphere from windows10 machine. Any idea?

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  2. We use ESXi 5.5 U1 at the moment, and the VM Tools correctly mounts in Windows Server 10, and even installs the VMXNET3 driver

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    • What OS did you pick when creating the VM? I have heard it works when picking Windows 8, etc.

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