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vThinking Aloud: Publish Content Library to S3 for Cross-Region/Cross-Account Replication

What if you could publish your Content Library directly to AWS S3 and then Cross-Region Replicate it for better availability? Come read my thoughts on the topic!

Open VM Tools 10.2.0-3 vSphere Guest Customization Issues

Hey all – I recently went to deploy a solution involving a few Ubuntu...

VCSA 6.5 -> 6.7 upgrade — Failed to authenticate with guest

During a VCSA upgrade I came across a weird issue with the root account password being both expired and not expired depending on who you ask!

NSX, pfSense, and OSPF

Just when I thought all of my dynamic routing dreams would come true… OSPF and pfSense fail me (somewhat). Read more!

NSX 6.4.1 is here w/ vSphere 6.7 support and more!

Hey all – you may have been wondering why I haven’t posted about...