NSX 6.4.1 is here w/ vSphere 6.7 support and more!

Hey all – you may have been wondering why I haven’t posted about vSphere 6.7 yet.  Well, there are literally two reasons: one is that my lab runs VMware NSX (6.4.0) and so obviously with that comes more compatibility dependencies and the second is that Veeam has no support for vSphere 6.7 yet.  I know, it may seem silly to require Veeam in a lab but I simply have too many hours spent setting things up just right and can’t afford to lose it.  That’s all boring stuff.

The reason for this post is obviously that NSX 6.4.1 just landed and it now supports vSphere 6.7!  It also supports vSphere 6.5 U1 so I am actually going to be upgrading NSX to 6.4.1 in advance of vSphere 6.7 so we’ll see how that goes.

In addition to more compatibility come more features – the NSX team has been hard at work getting more and more of the NSX Manager web UI ported over to the HTML5 client.  From what I’ve read one of the few remaining “heavy hitters” is NSX edge management in HTML5.  Once that’s cut over it’ll be smooth sailing into full-time Clarity bliss!

Here are a few highlights from the release notes that strike me as particularly interesting:

  • Distributed Logical Routers must be connected to a vSphere Distributed Switch with VXLAN configured – you can no longer create invalid configurations
  • Load balancer pool has been scaled significantly from 32 to 256 members – impressive!
  • User ID mapping in layer 7 firewall now works in Windows 2012 and 2012 R2 (per-user firewall rules!)
  • Backups prior to upgrading
  • Bunch of API enhancements
  • And, of course, vSphere 6.7 compatibility as mentioned

Here’s a link to the VMware NSX for vSphere upgrade path compatibility matrix for your reference.

So, I am off to upgrade my cluster.  I’ll be sure to post up my experience upgrading in place on vSphere 6.5 U1 but I am sure it’ll go smoothly!  Another awesome release by the NSX team!

Author: Jon

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